Jackson Care Connect (JCC) welcomes sponsorship requests to support community efforts that align with our Mission, Vision, Values, and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Preference is given to sponsorships for direct service projects and programs. These requests will be considered up to $5,000. Consideration will be given to sponsorship of one fundraising event per organization annually; however, will limit such requests to $2,000. Please let us know how we can partner with your organization for the project or program as appropriate.

For consideration, please submit your sponsorship request at least sixty (60) days prior to your event or when the funds are needed. Sponsorship requests are reviewed once a month.

Areas of Alignment

Mission: Jackson Care Connect empowers people and systems to improve the health of our community.

Vision: Health, well-being, and equity for all people of Jackson County.

CHIP Focus Areas: Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Living, and Health Equity


  • Stewardship and Generosity
  • Collaboration and Courage
  • Innovation and Results
  • Respect and Diversity
  • Integrity and Openness

To submit a sponsorship request download, complete the request form and email it to:

Nancy McKinnis
Community Engagement Coordinator

Download the sponsorship request application here

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