Pregnancy Information

Pregnancy InformationWhen you are expecting, you have a lot on your mind. As a Jackson Care Connect member, one thing you don’t have to worry about is medical care. We want you to baby yourself. That’s the best way to take care of your baby right now, and Jackson Care Connect has you both covered.

Medical care during your pregnancy – from head to toe – is covered. Physical health, behavioral health, dental care, prenatal vitamins, immunizations, quitting tobacco – it’s all covered at no cost to you.

Here’s some information about how to keep you and your baby healthy and safe in the months ahead, and after your baby arrives. For medical questions, your doctor or primary care provider is your best source of information.

Jackson Care Connect offers help and answers:

Frequently Asked Questions From Expectant Moms (pdf)
Find out about benefit coverage during and after pregnancy for you and your baby. Also, learn how we can help you find the right providers for you and your baby, and more.

  • Preguntas Frecuentes De Mujeres Embarazadas (pdf)

Starting Strong
Jackson Care Connect designed a program with you and your baby in mind. When you keep your medical, dental and social services appointments and manage your health, you can earn vouchers for things you and your baby need.

Taking Care of You and Your Baby Before Birth (pdf)
Learn what happens at your doctor visits and why it is important to see your doctor often during pregnancy.

  • Cómo cuidarse a usted y a su bebé antes del parto (pdf)

Your Child's Smile Starts Before Birth (pdf)
Seeing a dentist for teeth and gum health is safe during pregnancy. It is also important to your baby’s health. Jackson Care Connect covers your dental care, and we can help you find a dentist.

  • ¡La sonrisa de su bebé empieza antes del nacimiento! (pdf)

Quitting tobacco
Smoking while pregnant can lead to complications for you, and low birth-weight and health problems for your child. Learn how Jackson Care Connect can help you to quit tobacco with medication and personal support.

Keeping You and Your Baby Safe (pdf)
It’s hard to be excited about your pregnancy if you are afraid of your partner. Using these resources can help keep yourself and your baby safe.

  • Manteniendo Seguros a su Bebé y a Usted (pdf)

Doulas are a covered benefit

Doulas are trained birth companions. They provide personal support to women and families during pregnancy, delivery and beyond. Their services are covered by the Oregon Health Plan. They are not caregivers, but can work with your health team. Doulas are professionally trained in emotional, physical, and educational support during the birth experience.  A doula can be your advocate and help connect you to local health resources.

According to information on the Oregon Health Authority website, a doula can improve birth outcomes and infant health, strengthen families and establish supports to ensure ongoing family success. Oregon-registered doulas have undergone certified training and background checks.

Public programs

Nutrition for you and your family (pdf)
The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program helps families with healthy food, nutrition education and more. In Jackson County, the WIC office is at 140 S. Holly Street, Medford, 541-774-8203, or visit the website.

  • Español (pdf)

Help for special-needs children (pdf English) (pdf Español)
The CaCoon program of the Oregon Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs offers public health nurse services for families with children who have a disability or chronic condition.

More expert resources

This fun app and website offers you phone texts, expert articles and videos to learn about your baby’s development and having a safe pregnancy. English and Spanish

39 Weeks Is Best for Your Baby
Some births are scheduled a little early for non-medical reasons. But experts are finding there are health benefits to your baby when you carry for at least 39 weeks. If your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own.

Healthy Living for a Healthy Baby (pdf)
How can you make sure you have a healthy pregnancy? Read “Hey Baby” for great information about diet, activity, relaxation and more.

  • Hola Bebé: Vida Sana para tener un Bebé Sano (pdf)

Immunization Schedule – newborn to 15 months (pdf)
Vaccines can protect your baby from a dozen diseases. Learn what vaccines are appropriate for your newborn.

Breastfeeding support
Breastfeeding has health benefits for you and your child. Hormones help you feel calm and close to your baby. And you pass immunities to your baby that help fight off illness.

  • Jackson County WIC offers breastfeeding classes. Call 541-774-8203.
  • La Leche League of Southern Oregon (Facebook)

Reading for Healthy Families (pdf)
Learn how to support your baby’s brain development while bonding as a family.

  • Lectura para familias saludables (pdf)

Should Pregnant Women Wear Seat Belts? (pdf)
Get quick answers to common questions about traffic safety during pregnancy.

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