Wildfire smoke and your health

Summers in southern Oregon unfortunately often include skies filled with wildfire smoke. When the air quality is at unhealthy levels it’s important to protect our health.

Jackson Care Connect urges members to protect themselves from heavy smoke concentrations by staying indoors with windows and doors closed whenever possible, and limiting outdoor activity.  Members with asthma or other respiratory conditions, or members with any other health concerns, should contact their primary care provider.

Please note the Oregon Health Authority does not recommend N95 respirators unless they are fit-tested by a certified professional to ensure they are effective.  Jackson County Public Health and Oregon Health Authority recommend the best option for most people is to remain indoors and limit their outdoor activities:

For those who don’t have the option of being indoors, respirators can reduce exposure, ONLY if they are properly fitted. Please note facial hair prevents a proper fit, and respirators are not designed to fit children. Cloth and paper masks do not provide protection from smoke.

Health officials recommend these guidelines for using masks:

Programs for Jackson Care Connect members:

When the air quality is unhealthy, it’s not safe to exercise outside. Jackson Care Connect members have access to discounted memberships with the Rogue Valley Family YMCA and the Ashland Family YMCA. The memberships include the full facility, including the pool, classes, child watch and more.

KidTime Children’s Museum has a host of exhibits, events and activities to keep kids busy and safe inside. Jackson Care Connect members have access to a discounted year-long membership to KidTime. Come to the Starting Strong store or email to learn how.

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