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How to request a free air conditioner or air purifier in Jackson County

Are you a Jackson Care Connect member with a long-term medical condition? You might be eligible for a free air conditioner or air purifier through a special Jackson Care Connect program.

Do you qualify for a free air conditioner or air purifier?

You may qualify if you have a medical condition that puts you at high risk of:

  • Heat-related illness at times of extreme heat or
  • Heart or breathing problems due to unhealthy air quality.  

Free air conditioner: Conditions that could qualify

The free air conditioner (AC unit) is intended for eligible members who have a condition that puts them at a greater risk of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat rash or another heat-related illness. These conditions include:

  • Heart disease
  • Mental illness
  • Respiratory illness (lungs and breathing)
  • Obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Children under 4 years old
  • Adult over 60 years old
  • Ongoing treatment for long COVID-19
  • Neurologic conditions (related to brain and nervous system) such as multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular accident (stroke), spinal cord injury or paralysis.

Note: This is not a complete list. Please talk with your provider.

Free air purifier: Conditions that could qualify

The free air purifier program is for eligible members who live in an area at high risk of wildfire and who have long-term heart and lung conditions that could get worse with poor air quality:

  • Cardiovascular conditions (affecting the heart and blood vessels)
  • Respiratory conditions (affecting the lungs and breathing) 

2 steps to request a free air conditioner or air purifier

  1. Ask your care team: “Do I qualify for a free air conditioner or air purifier through Jackson Care Connect's health-related services program?”

    You may ask any member of your care team: provider, medical assistant, administrative staff (non-medical worker) or health resilience specialist.

    It’s OK to ask about this in a phone call. You don’t need an in-person visit.

    The process of the request, approval and delivery takes several weeks. So talk with your care team as soon as you can.

  2. Give your care team the info they need to fully complete the request.

    Your care team will submit the request for the AC unit or air purifier. To do that, they will need certain information from you.

    Asking for an AC unit? Please tell your care team:

    • The type of AC unit you prefer: standing portable (the standard offered) or window unit.
    • Approximate size of the room (width and length) to cool
    • Your delivery address
    • A good phone number for reaching you on delivery day.

      If you are a renter: Please confirm that your lease or landlord allows the AC unit you’re requesting.

      Asking for an air purifier? Please tell your care team:

      • Approximate size of your living space
    • Your delivery address
    • A good phone number for reaching you on delivery day.

    Timing: After your care team sends us the request form, a decision can take several weeks. 

    If we approve your request, the AC or air purifier unit will be delivered to your home.

    How soon it arrives depends on the unit’s availability and shipping times.

Will my air conditioner be installed for me?

This request does not include installing (setting up) your AC unit.

About AC installation:

  • Standing portable AC units require only a small amount of setup.
  • The standard portable unit is the standard one offered.
  • Please consider asking family or friends to help you if needed.

You may ask your provider to submit a separate request for installation. However, we may or may not approve that funding.

Resources in Jackson County during a heat wave

For more information on staying cool during times of extreme heat, see our Extreme Heat Resources and other resources:

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