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Local health care and community leaders support Measure 101

MEDFORD, Ore. — More than 160 organizations statewide have supported the Yes for Healthcare/Measure 101 campaign, including leaders in health care, education, nonprofits and businesses. Locally, many health care providers and community leaders also are encouraging a “yes” vote.

Oregonians must vote on Ballot Measure 101 by January 23.

Jackson Care Connect also supports Measure 101, which keeps in place the state legislature’s decision to fund Medicaid through an assessment on health care organizations. As a nonprofit Coordinated Care Organization providing care for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in Jackson County, Jackson Care Connect improves the health care of members and the community by providing integrated support to schools, community organizations and wellness programs.

“Medicaid coverage protects nearly one in three Jackson County residents, and keeps them healthy by prioritizing preventive health care coverage,” says Jennifer Lind, CEO of Jackson Care Connect. “Without coverage, uninsured Oregonians have no option except hospital emergency rooms, where costs are higher. Measure 101 stabilizes funding and keeps our community healthier.”

Local doctors, nurses and community leaders support Measure 101:

“Hospitals and health systems stand in support of Measure 101. The Measure ensures continuation of critically important funding for the Oregon Health Plan and children’s health, while also keeping cost increases lower for over 200,000 Oregonians. Please vote ‘Yes’ for Ballot Measure 101.”
– Roy Vinyard, President and CEO, Asante

"United Way of Jackson County endorses Ballot Measure 101 because of its impact on the population we serve. Child poverty in Jackson County stands at just over 25 percent. Research shows that access to health care improves school outcomes and Measure 101 ensures coverage for these children."
– Dee Anne Everson, CEO/Executive Director, United Way of Jackson County

“I support Measure 101, which directs funds to meeting the medical needs of Oregonians. It ensures accountability and leverages resources for funding Oregon’s Medicaid population.”
– Bill Thorndike, President, Medford Fabrication

“Measure 101 is a rare example of industry (hospitals and insurers) collaborating with state government to voluntarily pay fees to fund health care for the people of Oregon.  If Measure 101 fails, the health of countless Oregonians and the livelihood of the people who provide their care will be at risk.  I strongly support a YES vote on Measure 101.”
– Dr. Justin Adams, Chief Medical Officer, La Clinica 

“If families can’t afford health care coverage, they often find themselves making hard decisions about their children’s medical needs. Supporting Measure 101 protects many of the families I see every day who are covered by OHP. No family should have to choose between having food on the table or getting their children the medical care they need.”
– Dr. Matt Hough, Southern Oregon Pediatrics

“Preventative medicine is fundamental to pediatrics. When parents have the health care resources so that their children can have routine well child visits, I can empower them to raise strong and healthy children. Saying yes to Measure 101 supports a positive healthy outlook for our future generations."
– Dr. Donna Bradshaw, Asante Physician Partners Pediatrics

"Children’s health is the foundation of their overall development including a healthy birth, regular preventive health care and ongoing screening for healthy development, allowing needed interventions as early as possible for your child. Voting yes on Measure 101 will help ensure that every child in Oregon has access to health care and continue to make Oregon a place where all children can thrive. I urge you to VOTE YES ON MEASURE 101."
– Dr. Debra Koutnik, Asante Physician Partners Pediatrics

“I cared for patients before the Affordable Care Act and witnessed the hard decisions many made to balance the cost of care with the costs of food, home and family. Patients took half their dose of blood pressure medication, avoided screening exams or refused an ambulance ride because of cost. Many faced bankruptcy as they tried to pay for care. It has been wonderful to see lives turn around with the increasing coverage and opportunity for preventative care. I can’t imagine my low-income patients having this life-giving care taken from them.”
– Lauri Hoagland, Family Nurse Practitioner, La Clinica

Ballots have arrived in voters’ mailboxes, and must be received by voters’ county elections office by January 23 at 8 p.m. For more information on voting, contact the Jackson County Elections Office or visit


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