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Jackson Care Connect earns 100% payout in state quality measures

MEDFORD, Ore. — To ensure Medicaid members receive quality health care, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) measures the services Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) members receive each year. They also survey members on their satisfaction levels. The results of all measures determine the final rates each CCO receives.

Jackson Care Connect, a CCO providing care for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) members in Jackson County, will receive 100% of the quality pool dollars it was eligible for, based on its performance on 2017 incentive measures.

“We are thrilled to receive these results,” says Jackson Care Connect CEO Jennifer Lind. “They speak to the high quality care our network is delivering to members.”

Many of the measures focus on preventive care, including colorectal cancer screenings, wellness visits, timely prenatal care and dental sealants for children. This care helps members address issues before they become urgent, thus reducing the need for hospitalizations or specialty services. In addition to providing quality care, focusing on preventive care helps ensure CCOs are getting the best possible health outcomes, while saving taxpayer dollars.

“We are proud to partner with our provider network to provide preventive care for our members,” says Lind.

The payout allows Jackson Care Connect to continue supporting the provider network, helping clinics build infrastructure that improves care. The funds also support community organizations and projects that improve the health of members, and of the Jackson County community.

To meet the full payout for the incentive metrics, CCOs must meet or exceed the target on at least 13 of the 17 measures. In addition to the preventive care-focused metrics above, this includes:

-Assessments for children in DHS custody
-Member satisfaction with care
-Childhood immunizations
-Cigarette smoking status reported
-Follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness
-Enrollment of members in a patient-centered primary care home

In addition, a “challenge pool” of three metrics provided additional incentives. Jackson Care Connect met or exceeded the targets on all three:

-Depression screening and follow-up plan
-Developmental screenings in the first 36 months of life
-Effective contraceptive use

 Members of each CCO are surveyed as part of OHA measures. In 2017, 90.5% of Jackson Care Connect members indicated they were satisfied with their care.

“I am especially proud of the metric showing high member satisfaction. That speaks volumes about the work being done throughout the community,” says Lind.

For information about Jackson Care Connect, contact Sara King Cole, 503-416-7791,, or Jeanie Lunsford, 503-416-3626,

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