Jackson Care Connect (JCC) seeks to support projects and programs in Jackson County that demonstrate financial need and desire to partner with JCC’s mission, vision and core values to advance equity, diversity and inclusion.

Mission: Jackson Care Connect empowers people and systems to improve the health of our community.

Vision: Health, well-being and equity for all people of Jackson County. 


  • Stewardship and generosity
  • Collaboration and courage
  • Innovation and results
  • Respect and diversity
  • Integrity and openness

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Focus Areas: Behavioral Health (mental health & substance use), Housing, and Parenting Support and Life Skills.

Sponsorship requests must:

  • Align with JCC’s Mission, Vision, Values, and CHIP, including serving the community with equity as a central goal
  • Serve a Medicaid eligible population (low-income)
  • Not exceed $3000 for direct service projects or programs
  • Not exceed $2000 for fundraising events
  • Recognize JCC for the support given, please see sponsorship form for general guidelines. Therefore, requests must be submitted in advance of the event to allow for inclusion in promotion. (60 days prior to event or when funds are needed is strongly encouraged.)
  • Demonstrate measurable outcomes that impact health
  • Clearly outline what funds will be used for

Preference is given to:

  • Projects or programs that fill an unmet need or align with a specific JCC priority
  • Programs that focus on social determinants of health and advance equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Sponsorships for direct service projects and programs
  • Services for children and families

Sponsorship requests are reviewed quarterly. Please download the sponsorship request form here, and contact Michael Klein with any questions at kleinm@careoregon.org 

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