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Physical health

Welcome to your health plan!

Jackson Care Connect is a coordinated care organization (CCO). We’re a nonprofit, community-based health insurance plan serving Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members in Jackson County.

We bring together members, health care providers and the community to provide you with access to better, more coordinated services. We seek to improve health outcomes for people and families on OHP and lower costs

Jackson Care Connect helps you get better health care by:

  • Connecting you with a primary care provider (PCP) to make sure you have the tools and support to stay healthy.
  • Navigating your health care benefits and offering advice that is easy to understand and follow.
  • Ensuring you have the resources to overcome barriers to good health.
  • Providing you with information and access to preventive services.
  • Keeping you closely connected to your PCP so you can avoid trips to the hospital or ER.
  • Making sure your PCP and other providers — like your dentist, counselor, specialists and so on — talk to each other about your needs.
  • Working with community partners to improve your health and health care.
  • Working closely with you, your providers and the community to make sure you feel comfortable, safe and cared for. 

Our goal is to help you receive the best health care and services possible within your community, when you need them. We work closely with local partners and social agencies to improve the care you get and develop new ways to help you stay healthy. If you face challenges like homelessness or hunger, or have chronic health conditions, we work to connect you with the right resources.

Learn about medical care from your primary care provider (PCP)

A primary care provider, often known as a PCP, is the person who knows your health best. Click on a link below to view our handout that helps you get to know your PCP and when to visit your PCP, urgent care, or the emergency room.

Physical Health Explainer Handout Cover

Learn about choosing your providers

It’s important have a trusting relationship with all of your providers — including physical, dental and mental health providers. Click on a link below to view our handout that helps you choose your provider, build relationships with your providers, and switch providers when you need to.

CPC Choosing your provider explainer English

Getting started

When you first become a member, please follow these important steps:

  • If you’re a new patient, please call the PCP listed on your Member ID card to schedule a wellness visit, even if you’re not sick. Don’t have a PCP? Find a doctor who’s open to new patients by using our  Provider Search or calling Customer Service.
  • If you’re pregnant, search for a pregnancy provider (obstetrician or midwife) who handles prenatal care before your baby comes. Or, call Customer Service at 541-500-0567 or toll-free at 855-722-8208 (TTY 711). 
    • Call your pregnancy provider to start prenatal care as soon as possible.
    • You’ll also want to begin or maintain a relationship with your PCP.
    • You have access to extra benefits and programs to care for you and your growing family. For more information, call Customer Service or visit our benefits information page.
    • Learn more about benefits available during your pregnancy here.
  • Make sure your providers have your new insurance information. Show them your Jackson Care Connect Member ID card.
  • If you take medications, talk to your PCP about which medications are covered or visit our drug list for coverage information. You can also call Customer Service.
    • As a new member, if you have trouble filling a prescription for a medication you’ve been taking, call us. We may be able to help you with a transitional supply.
  • If you have diabetic supply needs, tell your PCP what they are.
    • As a new member, if you have trouble getting diabetic supplies, call us. We may be able to help you get a transitional supply.
  • If you need help getting medical equipment, call Customer Service. This includes items like wheelchairs, hospital beds for your house, ventilators, oxygen, walkers, crutches, and much more. 
    Learn more about getting equipment in our handout: English | Spanish


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