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Childbirth (perinatal) classes

When you’re preparing to have a baby, there’s a lot to learn! Taking a class can help. You can learn what to expect during childbirth, how to prepare for breastfeeding, what kind of care your newborn will need and more.

Jackson Care Connect members can take the following classes at no cost. To sign up, register for your class(es) at the hospital, and let the scheduler know you have Jackson Care Connect coverage.

Members can earn a Starting Strong voucher when they take a class. To get your voucher or learn more about Starting Strong, call 541-494-1004 or email

Many classes are currently offered online. Classes are available in English and Spanish.

Jackson Care Connect covers these classes:

Providence Medford Medical Center

971-762-3010 or toll-free at 855-938-4824

Breastfeeding Preparation
Childbirth Preparation
Twins or More
Newborn Care
Breastfeeding & Newborn Care Workshop
Postpartum Support

Asante Rogue Regency Medical Center


Childbirth Education
Sibling Class


Additional classes may be covered in the future.