Community Health Assessment

In 2018, Jackson Care Connect was part of a group of organizations including hospitals, coordinated care organizations (CCOs) and public health departments. The group worked together to conduct a regional Community Health Assessment (CHA) in Jackson and Josephine counties. The CHA was a year-long process to collect, assess and analyze information about the health of our community. The CHA helps guide planning and action to improve health in Jackson and Josephine counties.

In addition to research, community members shared their thoughts through interviews, focus groups, public forums and a community-wide health survey.

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Download or read the full CHA.

Community Health Improvement Plan

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a community-based blueprint for improving population health and health system performance. It lays out a long-term, strategic effort to address local health issues. It outlines ways organizations will help address the community's priorities for improving overall health and well-being.

The CHIP is developed after the CHA and is informed by those results. The CHA provides data and information to identify local health issues that are prioritized by the community. The CHIP is used to describe how local stakeholders will address the health priorities of the CHA.

Jackson Care Connect was involved in creating the 2019-2022 CHIP for Jackson and Josephine counties.

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Download or read the 2019-2022 CHIP.

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